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Elia (from the greek word ‘helios’– sun) is Serragambetta’s new cook. Her cooking style mirrors her genuine and sunny personality. She is an honest and passionate interpreter of the local cuisine but at the same time able to reinvent it without altering the traditional recipes. Buon appetito!

Last Updated on Friday, 05 March 2010 09:57
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Domenico is both manager and scenery shifter on Serragambetta's stage.
In 1987 Domenico, putting not only his agricultural studies to good use but also his passions, set up the business with the aim of promoting the principles of organic agriculture.
Keen on the theatre and travelling as well as being a great story teller and an excellent “pizzaiolo” or pizza maker, Domenico is also an expert on local culture. He can advise you on excursions and satisfy your every curiosity about local products.


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Zia Nina

Mother of Domenico and custodian of the tasty traditional Puglian cuisine which will seduce you during your stay at Serragambetta. Once a French teacher she now dedicates herself to her guests through her culinary know-how and deep knowledge of local traditions.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 January 2010 23:15
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Gina plays a central role in the welcome to be found at Serragambetta. Her friendly approach and kindness are always at the service of guests. Her breakfasts are a great way to begin the day.

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 October 2009 13:08
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A versatile handyman, Florian's manual abilities and 24 carat smile are invaluable to the functioning of the business. He is Domenico's right hand man and sometimes his left.

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Anna is the true queen of the wood fired oven. Bread, focacce, biscotti, calzoni, pastarelle and dried figs are her faithful and fragrant subjects. She only surrenders her reign over the oven to Domenico on Pizza nights.

Last Updated on Saturday, 24 October 2009 22:55
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Even if she is not a dedicated cyclist, 'jump on your bike and keep pedalling' is the motto of Serragambetta's pixy free-lance.

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Antonio is Domenico's actor brother. Cooking is both his hobby and passion. If you happen to be at Serragambetta when he is at home you may well sample his cooking or else enjoy being entertained in conversation. And as for language that's no problem: he speaks English, French, German, Spanish and also a bit of Japanese. In short, he is a pleasure to know as much for his cooking abilities as his intellectual skills.


Last Updated on Thursday, 14 January 2010 15:23
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Nonna Rosa

Guest star of Serragambetta, Domenico's grandmother (class of 1914), is quite unbeatable for her repertory of traditional cuisine. Her lessons on the art of making orecchiette are always an event not to miss.


Last Updated on Monday, 01 February 2010 16:40
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Ettore, Ernesto and Emil

Ettore, the dog is a quintessential part of Serragambetta. Much loved by children and adults alike, he is gentle, unobtrusive with a watchful eye - the real intellectual of the family.  For a couple of years Ernesto the owl and his family of owlets have chosen the terrace as a winter and summer residence.  Reserved and very polite guests they are not averse to visitors. The cat, Emil completes the cast of Serragambetta’s domestic animals.

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