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Surrounding area

Roads are not the only way to reach an interesting place they are in themselves interesting places. Therefore the first piece of advice that you will receive is “Don't hurry”. OK so perhaps you might see less but without doubt the places that you do come across will give you time to catch up, to get in contact with yourself and create an impression. This is, in short, Domenico's recommendation for the way to see “Le Puglie”. This is because Puglia comprises of at least three distinct parts and it is important to realise that these are not just defined by its administrative borders but also its geography and the history that has been played out within its confines.
So, depending on each person's interests and preferences the day's itinerary can be chosen - from a busy and culturally inspired visit to a town of artistic interest or a Romanesque cathedral to a more relaxing and refreshing day spent at one of the many seaside locations with their beaches and ports. And for those who love to walk or to go for a bike ride certainly there are no lack of longer or shorter routes depending on how far your legs can carry you and, of course, the weather.





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