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In the countryside

Both the town dwellers and country people of Puglia represent without doubt one of the major attractions of the region. Whilst the countryside is always the countryside, the reminders and remnants of bygone times that you will come across whilst walking along the narrow country lanes or past rock cut houses are so numerous that you can very easily imagine what happened there centuries ago.
Whilst passing in succession “specchie” (stone burial cairns), dry stone walls, millstones, threshing floors, olive groves and still more olive groves, stop for a moment and, using your imagination, try to hear the sound of people's steps along the country lanes, see the hands that placed the stones, feel the toil and sweat of those who shaped the land so as to be able to draw from it what they needed to live, but without depriving it of its life force.
A life force which still exists in some places and those who know how can hear its very breath.



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