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Agriturismo Biologico Serragambetta

Serragambetta lies on the south eastern hills of the Murge* and is located between Castellana, noted for its caves, and Conversano, the City of the Counts. It is the land of Trulli houses, dry stone walls, ancient olive groves and red earth, of Masserias (traditional manor farms) and holiday homes. It was built as a summer residence around 1880 by Doctor Domenico Lanera. One hundred years later, its story as an organic farm holiday business began.

Since then Serragambetta has been evolving constantly to meet present day demands whilst conserving the inspiration and aims of its beginnings – respect for its original architecture and the maintenance of its gastronomic traditions and authentic hospitality. Hence, baking bread and pizza is carried out using the energy from flames kindled in the wood-fired oven whilst the electricity powering the wireless connection to the internet is produced by newly installed solar panels.

The sea is only 7 miles away but for a refreshing dip in the morning or a relaxing read outdoors, the swimming pool is a real bonus.


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