Welcome to Agriturismo Biologico Serragambetta

The spontaneous familiarity with which Zia Nina welcomed the first guests of the agriturismo back in 1983 remains the unchanged and dominant character of Serragambetta's hospitality.  The never interrupted close bond with the land and the territory, with the gastronomic and farming culture, are such that this hospitality could also be defined as authentic.

Serragambetta lies on the south eastern hills of the Murge and is located between Castellana, noted for its caves, and Conversano, the City of Counts. It is the land of trulli, masserie (traditional manor farms), dry stone walls, ancient olive groves and red earth. One hundred years later, Domenico's mother started to host the first families during the holidays. The farm, which was always working in an organic and respectful way, was already certified in 1994. Since then Serragambetta has been evolving constantly to meet present day demands whilst conserving the inspiration and aims of its beginnings - respect for its original architecture and the maintenance of its gastronomic traditions and authentic hospitality. Hence, baking bread and pizza is carried out using the energy from flames kindled in the wood-fired oven whilst the electricity powering the wireless connection to the internet is produced by solar panels. The sea is only 7 miles away but for a refreshing dip in the morning or a relaxing read outdoors, the swimming pool is a real bonus.

Hospitality & Accomodations

The main body of the villa, built around 1880 by the doctor Domenico Lanera, overlooks a large courtyard, paved with chianche, the local stone. The other buildings are the pre-existing tower, the small stable and the former wine factory.

The courtyard leads to the small garden below, and from there to the small wood of oaks and other essences of the Mediterranean.

These structures, recovered in full respect of the original architecture, are divided into seven accomodations for the agriturismo. The furniture is from the late nineteenth or early twentieth century.


Swimming Pool

Puglian Cooking Lessons

Excursions by Bike and on Foot

Initiation to Organic AgriCulture

Guests can have an enjoyable day without even moving from Serragambetta.

The garden is a welcoming and comfortable place where one can dedicate to reading, and the pool offers the opportunity for a refreshing swim. Treat yourself to the pleasure of picking fresh seasonal fruit straight from the tree. You will discover that just picked almonds, figs and plums have a taste all of their own.

If, for adults, the countryside is in general synonymous with relaxation and tranquillity then for the smallest of us it is the kingdom for discovering nature and playing outdoors. Without doubt Serragambetta offers lots of stimuli for encouraging children's curiosity. The small forest, the garden and the large courtyard are places for games of all sorts. There is often the opportunity to play with other children, too.

Agriculture & Kitchen

In the kitchen organic products are used exclusively, sourced for the most part from Serragambetta's own fields (Certified by ICEA, Organic Producer PO67) or other organic farms in the area. In the vegetable garden the seasons dictate the crop cultivation. From the winter vegetables (turnip tops, broccoli, cauliflower, chicory, fennel, salad, etc.) to all the produce of summer which the sun and soil fill with light and flavor (tomatoes, zucchini, aubergine, peppers, green beans, basil, peas, cucumber, etc. etc.).

And then our extra virgin olive oil, our almonds, and fruit of every sort (figs, cherries, plums, lemons, pears, peaches, apricots, quinces, pomegranates, and so on).

At breakfast biscotti and fresh bread are well-accompanied by our homemade fruit conserves and just picked tomatoes, as are the just baked sweets and tarts.

Dinner is the most important time of day for socializing and enjoying good food. Around a large table guests exchange their impressions of the day's activities and plans for excursions for the following day are discussed, perhaps scanning maps for roads suitable for bike riding or the most sheltered coastal coves if the following day's forecast promises to be windy. And when the first pizzas start to come out of the wood oven, often musician friends appear who with the sounds of tambourine, guitar and piano accordion create just the right atmosphere for those who want to try out the local folk dancing - Pizzica or Tarantella.

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